Main Office: 678.676.7102 - 4576 N. Peachtree Rd., Dunwoody, GA 30338


Bus Information

All bus riders will be dismissed at 2:30 p.m.

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Children are to cross the street at the crosswalk where the Crossing Guard is stationed.

Students who walk home or who are picked up by parents in the media center will be dismissed at 2:35 PM. Parents are asked to sign in at the desk in the lobby and receive a dismissal pass for their child/children. To minimize congestion in the hallways, parents are asked to wait in the lobby to pick-up individual students after school. Children will not be allowed to wait in the front of the building until they are picked up. Children in the front of the building after dismissal will be sent to the carpool area. Parents are urged to quickly depart as soon as they pick up their children.

Parents who do not wish to participate in carpool are encouraged to utilize the parking spaces located in the rear of Peachtree Middle School and walk the short distance to Chesnut.


Parking on North Peachtree Road is prohibited at all times. Failure to follow this rule could result in a ticket from the Dunwoody Police Department.


Carpool parents are to pick their children up in the designated area located in the south parking lot (teacher’s parking lot). Cars will only be allowed to make a right turn into the parking lot from North Peachtree Road. Once the parking lot is full, cars should queue along North Peachtree Road in front of the school. Once entering the parking lot, parents are to wait in line for their child/children to come to their cars. There will be no car movement in the parking lot until all students have entered their cars. Only parents with a Chesnut carpool number will be allowed to pick students up in this area. Parents without a carpool number must report to the front office to sign their child out of school.

When exiting the parking lot, proceed with caution when making a right turn only onto North Peachtree Road.