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Clubs & Activities

After-school clubs and enrichment opportunities offered at Chesnut vary from year to year depending on student interest, as well as teacher and parent support. Parents with a particular expertise or interest in any after-school clubs are urged to get involved.

Some of the clubs that Chesnut has had in the past include the following (but the list can be expanded to other clubs that provide the appropriate approval and sponsorship).

Art Club

Science Olympiad

Garden Club

Yearbook Club

Technology Club

Robotics Club

Reading Bowl

Running Club

School Musical (2nd semester only)


If you’d like to be the parent sponsor for club, please contact the School Council Chair, at

Information on clubs will be sent home via the Courier during the school year once we have approval and sponsors.

If you want to start a new after-school group, you must contact the Principal for approval.

Note: School-Sponsored vs. Third Party Clubs/Activities
Sponsored clubs are approved by the Principal and managed by Chesnut parents or staff. A Chesnut staff member will always be present during meetings of these clubs.  Third party clubs are also approved by the Principal, but are not run or directly supervised by any Chesnut staff member.